Monday, April 9, 2007

Lamia Joreige

J'ai choisi ta bouche comme oeuvre artistique, alors je signe ta bouche; cela comprend l'idée de bouche et les parties qui la constituent, c'est à dire tes lèvres. Sans raison apparente, je sens que ta bouche plus qu'autre chose dans ton visage, exprime au mieux ta personnalité. C'est à travers un mouvement unique et indescriptible, proche de la grimace, que ta bouche dit le dégout, la lassitude, et même l'agacement, et plein d'autres choses encore...

Critical Art Ensemble

We would like chromosome set 23. It is the chromosome of gender expression. While it is supposed to be a biological mechanism of either/or consequence, it's final manifestation is often not so clear. It is yet another site where flesh, desire, and culture clash.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Walid Raad

Since we meet occasionally -- as opposed to often -- on those occasions when I am in Lebanon, or when we both happen to be in the same city/town/village somewhere in the world, we usually greet with Lebanese kisses. I would chose that gesture, your gesture, that accompanies these kisses, when you flick your hair away from your face with that quick left/right jerk of the head. When we meet after a long absence, I always try to approach you slowly when I am about to greet you with three kisses, so that I can actually see this gest, and to see if you might do it twice should your hair dare to cover your face before our kisses meet.